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Information On The Characters.....

Torri: A seemingly young girl (age unknown at this time. She has a temper as fiery as a phoenix so watch out! Her past seems to be surrounded in mystery (as is many of our friends here), but one thing is for certain, her strong connection to Horu. She is bent on killing him, but at the same time seems strangely attached to him. Another thing we know about Torri is the annihilation of her family. Uncertain of how or why it happened, we do know that there are no survivors.

Horu: Leader of the Black/Dark Lotus. His age is unknown along with many other things. He is very powerful and highly intelligent. He loves to manipulate people, especially those pure of heart. Where he came from and what his purpose is is yet unclear, but he is a sworn enemy of Torri and other "Pure Beings" as he calls them. Though he claims to have nothing but hate for Torri he can't seem to shake the feeling that he knows her from some other time.

Ovid: Once a great artist with the utmost love for his home country, now one of the elite Black Lotus members. He wished for nothing more then to be able to paint exactly what he sees, to share his love for his country with all around him. He wished that people could feel and see exactly what he did when painting it. With the power of the Black Lotus Horu granted him his wish, but in order to recieve something you must give in return. Ovid's eyes were taken from him, only to be replaced by "The Dark Sight". Know the beautiful world he once viewed has turned to nothing but torture and malice, driving him into a deep insanity. The pictures he painted did as promised, sucking people into his world (a world now filled with hate, torcher, despair, and pain). For this fact he was kicked out of the one thing he loved, his country. With no where to go and no one to turn to, he returned to Horu and the dark lotus. He now fights for Horu, void of any emotions except pure hate. He uses his paintings and drawings to fight with, bringing to life the dark, malicious creatures his eyes now view. He is close friends with Ratsel who seems to be the only thing he finds comfort in.

Ratsel: A great singer who greedily wished to live forever so his fame would never die. Horu came to him and promised him the eternal life he seeked, all he had to do was join the Black Lotus. Ratsel joined only to find that ion order to recieve you must give. His voice was taken from him. Though his voice has been taken he has gained the unique ability to not only talk through telekenisis and even enter peoples minds. A strong hatered for Horu lies within him, but he stays by his side, hoping one day to find a way to return his voice. He is close friends with Ovid, both having lost the one thing they lived for they find a deep connection.
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